Breakfast at the Hotel Deja Vu by Paul Torday Cover

Breakfast at the Hotel Déjà vu: a novella

A tale of the unexpected. Former MP Bobby Clarke arrives at a hotel on the Mediterranean shore. He is a former MP, unseated by the expenses scandal, who is now spending time abroad to recover from a major illness and write his memoirs. But it soon becomes clear that all is not as it seems. For a start Bobby seems to have no memory of the immediate past. Each time he sits down to continue his memoirs he finds only a blank page. And what has become of his wife?

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"Paul Torday is one of the most original voices in modern fiction"



News:An e-book exclusive from Paul Torday – read an extract here

Next Thursday 8 December sees the publication of Breakfast at the Hotel Deja Vu by Paul Torday. This exciting new novella is only available as an eBook, for the princely sum of just 99p, and we’re giving you the opportunity to read the opening here.

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event:Curious Arts Festival 2016

Piers Torday will discuss finishing his father's final book, The Death of an Owl.

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