The Hopeless Life of Charlie Summers by Paul Torday book Cover

The Hopeless Life of Charlie Summers

A modern A TALE OF TWO CITIES by the bestselling author of SALMON FISHING IN THE YEMEN. "The money came out of nowhere. In the first years of the first decade of the new century, money flowed around the world as it had never done before. Then, somewhere, someone asked a question. It was: 'Can I have my money back?'" Show more

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"This hugely likeable book subtly highlights the surprising parallells between obvious con men and the rest of us who just want to make a fast buck."

– Elizabeth Buchan, SUNDAY TIMES

News:Stephen Fry announces Paul Torday Memorial Prize

Stephen Fry announces the new Paul Torday Memorial Prize, at the The Society of Authors Authors Awards Party, for the best debut novelist over 60.

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event:Emirates Airline Festival of Literature Dubai 2017: Taking Up The Mantle

When a writer dies leaving work unfinished, the question of who – if anyone – should continue their legacy is always a difficult and often very personal one. How did our two panellists cope when faced with this daunting challenge?

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