Light Shining In The Forest by Paul Torday Cover

Light Shining in the Forest

A dark tale about a failing politician and the search for two missing children. Norman Stokoe has just been appointed Children's Czar by the new government. He settles down in his new leather chair behind his new desk, to wait for the green light to begin his mission. The green light never comes. What does happen is that two children go missing. As Children's Czar, surely this case should fall within his remit, but Norman has built a career on doing nothing, on stamping pieces of paper with 'send to the relevant department'. Now, faced with a campaigning journalist and a distraught mother, he is forced to become involved. The search will take him to dark places and will make him ask questions about the system he is supposed to uphold. Show more

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"A remarkably original novelist"



News:Paul Torday reveals the inspiration behind Light Shining

Bestselling author of Salmon Fishing in the Yemen, Paul Torday, talks about the inspiration behind his latest novel, Light Shining in the Forest.

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event:Curious Arts Festival 2016

Piers Torday will discuss finishing his father's final book, The Death of an Owl.

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