I had been living on the edge for the last couple of weeks. If I were truthful maybe for the last couple of years. Maybe ever since I had left the army. I had started looking over my shoulder again, mostly at things that weren’t there. Camilla, my girlfriend at the time, used to say I had paranoid tenden- cies. I used to reply that, if she’d been where I’d been, she’d be paranoid too. It was a small thing, but it irritated her. Then at a party we had a falling out. It was one of those arguments like a summer thunderstorm, violent but not ser- ious; at least I hadn’t thought it was at first. I can’t remember what the particular row was about. We were always having them. Anyway, I walked out of wherever we were at the time – a party, somewhere in Kensington – and went to a pub and had a drink. Then I had another drink.

More Than You Can Say

The bestselling author of SALMON FISHING IN THE YEMEN returns with a Buchan-esque thriller. Traumatised by a tour of duty in Iraq, Richard Gaunt returns home to his girlfriend with very little of a plan in mind. Finding it difficult to settle into civilian life, he turns to drink and gambling - and is challenged to a bet he cannot resist. All he has to do is walk from London to Oxford in under twelve hours. But what starts as a harmless venture turns into something altogether different when Richard recklessly accepts an unusual request from a stranger ...

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"A high octane and life affirming adventure"

– Daily Express


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An exclusive short story, 'The Eyes Have It', which introduces John Gaunt, a character from Paul Torday's More Than You Can Say.

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Piers Torday will discuss finishing his father's final book, The Death of an Owl.

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