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Theo: A Novella

From the bestselling author of Salmon Fishing in the Yemen, a haunting novella that introduces one of the most memorable characters from Torday's novel Light Shining in the Forest. John Elliott is the recently appointed vicar of St Joseph's - a dilapidated church with a congregation of sixteen. Then Theo, a child at his wife Christine's school, starts to exhibit strange marks on his hands and feet that vanish almost as soon as they have appeared. What has produced these marks - and why has the previous vicar of St Joseph's ended up in a psychiatric hospital?

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"Paul Torday is an extravagantly gifted writer"



News:Paul Torday reveals the inspiration behind Light Shining

Bestselling author of Salmon Fishing in the Yemen, Paul Torday, talks about the inspiration behind his latest novel, Light Shining in the Forest.

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event:Curious Arts Festival 2016

Piers Torday will discuss finishing his father's final book, The Death of an Owl.

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