Emirates Airline Festival of Literature Dubai 2017: Taking Up The Mantle

“When you’re taking over another writer’s character you first have to know that character inside and out.” – Eric Van Lustbader

When a writer dies leaving work unfinished, the question of who – if anyone – should continue their legacy is always a difficult and often very personal one. How did our two panellists cope when faced with this daunting challenge?

Eric Van Lustbader was asked by the estate of his friend Robert Ludlum to continue the story of Jason Bourne. The 14th Bourne book, The Bourne Stratagem, is due for publication in June 2017.

Piers Torday chose to finish his father Paul Torday’s final book, The Death of an Owl, despite the novel being left mid-sentence on page 217 and the subsequent detective work required to discover how it should end.

Language: English, with simultaneous Arabic translation

Tickets: AED 75 from https://tickets.emirateslitfest.com